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This National Poetry Month, we’ve decided to think even further outside the box with our own instant classics — in the form of classy haikus about Moore County. 

We asked you to submit your own masterpiece in the syllables of: 5, 7, 5. Here’s what we got:

(We took the liberty to name the ones y’all didn’t bother to name yourselves.)

Part Of Your World

Living here gave me

Envy for golf cart drivers

But I do not golf

– Christina B.


Rumors like Fleetwood

If you build it they will come

Little Lies no more

— Nicole D.

The Sandhills

Blue skies up above

Friendly folks say hey y’all

Tall pines touch the sky

– Christine L.

A Picnic Saga

Pleasant Spring

A rapid fire biting, ouch

I see ants

– Tony V.

The Grind

Forever driving.

The children’s daily chauffeur.

I need more coffee.

— Chelsea B.

Fall for Moore Men


Black Fuffy Jackets Too Small

Flannel Button Up

– Brandy G.

SP Nights

In my best flip flops

The barmuda triangle calls

But I dream of SoPies

– Tamara

Yellow Doesn’t Look Good On Us

Love our little town

But o m g the pollen

Lake life is the best

– Lisa W.

And because Megan S. really understood the assignment, she entered a few:


Stars and Stripes fly high,

Ranger panties catch my eye,

All the way, Airborne!

It Be Like That

Yellow pollen falls,

 Retirees do as well,

Thankful for FirstHealth!

* You’re a savage for this one, Megan.

Saturday Outing

Chick-fil-A is crack,

T.J. Maxx is where it’s at,

Aldi run and done!


My noisy neighbor,

B*tch named Karen, sent letter,

 Make house look better!

Snaps all around for our readers who, to our surprise, double as poets.

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