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We won’t sugarcoat it, your kids are about to get the ultimate sugar rush (adults too, we don’t judge.) The Sugar Shuttle, Moore County’s first candy cart, will feature bulk and nostalgic candies.

It will be available to rent for events like birthday parties and be customizable. It will also frequent the Rec Room as a pop up boutique candy cart.

Who’s the smartie sweetening your tooth? Megan Numbers, who is also a child therapist and owns Play Therapy of the Pines.  Megan has always wanted to open a candy shop downtown and says, “the beauty of living in a small town is when there’s nothing like it around, you can just do it.” Her favorite way to get a fix is Swedish fish which, yes, are on the cart. She plans to eventually expand with cotton candy and slushee machines.

Catch the cart pulling up to Rec Room for the first time April 29, noon to 6 p.m. 

Interested in renting the Sugar Shuttle? DM Megan on Instagram or email thesugarshuttlellc@gmail.com

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