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So maybe the pandemic has prevented you from experiencing the Meg Ryan-esque meet cute you imagined, but before you spend another Saturday night double fisting Doritos, hear us out. Out of general concern for your next family gathering, we’ve gathered a few local success stories to prove that online dating isn’t all “u up” messages and misleading mirror pics. 

The One Where She Played Her Cards Right:

Courtney and Buddy met on Tinder in the midst of quarantine. They now live together with their dog, Scout, in Southern Pines. 

So, you matched on Tinder. What made you want to reach out to each other?

Buddy: “I thought she was very good looking and had an Adam Sandler quote on her profile.”

Courtney: “He was very handsome and had a nice butt. He looked adventurous, like a fun time.”

Be honest. Were any cheesy pickup lines involved?

Buddy: We got to talking about Schitt’s Creek, and I said ‘if you play your cards right, you can watch the final season with me.’ I thought I was being cute, but I found out later I almost blew it with that line

Courtney: I thought he was going to be more cocky than he turned out to be. With a line like ‘if you play your cards right,’ what was I supposed to think?! 

How would your relationship be different if it wasn’t for quarantine?

Courtney: Honestly, I think we would spend more time with my friends. Buddy hasn’t had much of an opportunity to meet anyone here yet. 

Buddy: Yeah, I’m ready to mix it up and get to know the town and the people. It’s tough to get the full experience through a mask.

The One Where She Finished the Book:

Janet and Doug met on Match.com in 2007. They are now married and reside in Whispering Pines.

How long did you guys message back and forth before meeting in person?

Doug: It was definitely within the same week. There’s only so much you can learn through a profile and messaging, so I was eager to meet in person. I wanted to meet her, I didn’t want a penpal!

Janet: I think we began messaging early in the week and our first date was that Saturday, so we both wanted to get out there and meet each other face to face.

How was the first date?

 Janet: “We went to an indoor/outdoor bar and grill and sat on the patio. I remember I got there early and I was reading my book to pass the time so when he got there, I only had two paragraphs left and I was like ‘hold on one second! I’m almost done!’ And he did! He waited!”

Did either of you have an ‘aha!’ moment?

Janet: I remember, Doug had a convertible and the top was down and it was warm and windy and fun. We had music playing and we were laughing and I felt like we were just young kids playing, even though we weren’t young kids anymore. I remember thinking at this moment, ‘Aha! This guy is it! This guy is the one!'”

The One Where He Followed Her Home

Jamie and Scott met 20 years ago on Yahoo Personals. They’ve been together ever since.

Yahoo Personals, huh? Can we ask how this unfolded?

Jamie: “I was on it because a friend said my ex was dragging me in his personal ad. I saw my now husband’s ad directly under the ex’s. I sent him a message and the rest is history.”

Where was your first date?

Jamie: “We went to a little Mexican restaurant that used to be where Sizzlin’ Steak and Eggs is now. We talked and ate forever when I asked him if he wanted to come home with me to meet my parents and watch a movie (The Sixth Sense). He did, but he didn’t know how to get there, so he followed me back.”

Were any cheesy pickup lines involved?

Jamie: “Well, when we were about to leave to go to my parents’ house and I said he could just drive behind me, my line was ‘follow me and I’ll never leave you astray.’ I guess it worked!”

So, did you parents like him?

Jamie: “Yes they liked him! My mom is very old school so she was a little concerned about our differences (he was raised in Indiana and I’m from Sanford, NC), but they loved him!”

The One Where He Cheated the System

Rob and Elizabeth met on Match.com 11 years ago. They’ve been happily married for 10 years now. The Office is their favorite TV show, and they have a dog named Dwight that “fully lives up to his name.”

Alright, give us the details on your virtual meet-cute.

Elizabeth: “My husband actually cheated the system. He used his roommate’s friend’s account to see who was on to see if he wanted to sign up. So, he had them send me a message on Match. I thought it was so funny that he went through all that trouble that I responded.”

Was he different in person, or did the profile match the guy?

Elizabeth: “I just wasn’t prepared for the way he dressed. I lived in Cary and had never dated a guy from the Army. He had the typical Fort Bragg look down, Merrells and all. His fashion sense is a little better now, but that’s probably because I buy all of his clothes.  

So, did you ever meet the friend whose account he used?

Elizabeth: “I did! Although, we didn’t invite the roommate or his friend to our wedding. Oops.”

The One Where It Was Raining Men … And Dogs

Andrew was Stefanie’s first match on Tinder. Seven years later, they’re still swiping right on one another.

First match, huh? Please explain.

Stefanie: “I didn’t even know how it worked when he was my first match. Apparently when you match Tinder sends you a little “yay you matched” thing and a possible topic to start the conversation. My husband allegedly was given ‘do you like cats or dogs as the topic’ … but thought I had asked the question. So his very first communication with me was ‘DOGS! Duh!’ That’s it … I had no idea what he was talking about. I thought he was probably crazy but for some reason responded back to him. “

How long did you message back and forth before meeting in person?

Stefanie: “We talked for probably a month before meeting in person. It was all texting as I hate talking on the phone. When we did meet in person we did a double date with one of my best friends and one of his army buddies. Our friends even dated for a little bit.”

On a scale from 1 to 10 (10 being just like it), how much did they look like their picture?

Stefanie: “I’d give him an 8/10 for looking like his pictures only because a couple he was wearing sunglasses or had a beard!”

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