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When it comes to housework, there are two extremes: Those who own two Roombas and an electric steam mop, and those who only find inspiration to de-clutter after binge-watching an episode of Hoarders or spending quality time with Marie Kondo.

For the rest of us dedicated to curated maximalism, here’s where to embrace grow your collections:

1. The Vintage Village at Bougie Redneck:  The newest addition to this West End junker’s lair is a collection of barns, each leased to a different vendor. Stop in the school bus out front, where everything is $1. Click me.

2. The Puzzle Piece: This house-turned nonprofit consignment shop accepts (and sells) everything and anything. It’s owned by veterans who donate proceeds to autism research in honor of their son. Go.

3. The Vintage Barn: From hats, lingerie, coats, costume jewelry and cowboy boots, you’ll definitely leave with something if you don’t get overwhelmed first. Info.

4. A Bit of Couture: Brand-name clothing and trendy furniture lines the floor here; finds on a recent day included a farmhouse table and chairs for $400. More.

5. The Warehouse: Find antiques and repurposed items from Medleyanna’s, like old carts and giant ironworks. Here.

6. Tucker Jo’s Used Books: Trade in your old Sway book club picks for new finds, or pick up some oldies for your record player. Get to it.

7. Helping Orphans Thrift Store: Find used coats and cheap scrubs along with hidden gems from Banana Republic and Ann Taylor. Seek and find.

8. Fifi’s Fine Resale Apparel: In need of a dress that you’ll only wear once? Among other things, we found a Kate Spade number in great condition for $88. Look.

9. Eclectic on 5: Rugs? Jewelry? Antiques? Accessories? Check, check, check and check. Here you go.

10. Whispering Pines Thrift Shop: Staffed by volunteers, every bit of this shop’s proceeds to to local charities. Go browse.

You might remember our thrifting list from last year too.

Yeah, and there’s Habitat Restore and Goodwill, where you know the drill. Did we miss your favorite? Eh, probably. Hit us up at and tell us so.

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