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Note: This is part of a Sway series, in which our writers try things outside of their comfort zone. Today’s installment: Zumba at FirstHealth Fitness.

It wasn’t until I pulled into the FirstHealth Fitness parking lot that I started to get nervous. I had taken group fitness classes before, but usually CrossFit; and on the rare occasion, a session of Dance*FIT — where it’s dark. And where I can squeeze into a back of a room, far away from a mirror; a spot where I can at least maintain an illusion that I have some form of rhythm.

Pictured: Me.

But here I was, on a Wednesday, the last group class of the day, late — no surprise — and walking into a very well-lit studio. I was able to reserve a spot at the back; but alas, I could still see my reflection. The spot was also the perfect vantage point for people walking by on the second floor.

I was assuming the class would be like most dance fitness classes, where the purpose is to work up a sweat. However, this was clearly about building tone, from crunching our abs to agressively twisting our midsection — all to a Latin beat, of course.

Do I salsa? No. Can I dance? No. Can I crunch my abs to a beat? No. But, as I discovered, there were few that could. And no one cared about what anyone else was doing. All that mattered was that after about 15 minutes, we all appeared to be equally dying.

Will I ever be good at this? No. Will I do it again? Hell yes.

Join FirstHealth Fitness in celebrating it’s 25th anniversary with special events all this month — including a Day of Fitness Exercise Challenge this Saturday. Download the flyer here.

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