We’re Waiting for More Restaurants to Get on Board.

UPDATE: The Meat and Greek food truck can be found on Uber Eats when the truck is up and running locally.

Donnalee Damon: Delivering chicken nuggets to Taco Bell without judgement since about a month ago.

If you have the Uber Eats app and you’re as lazy as we are, you’ve been refreshing it every few days to see if anything other than McDonald’s, Subway or Firehouse Subs is available — or at least if that delivery radius has gotten larger. Aaaand you’ve been disappointed.

According to driver Donnalee Damon, the app works in a 3-mile delivery radius from its farthest point. So because McDonald’s, Subway and Firehouse Subs are all relatively close together, that radius stays small.


Sway HQ: Juuuuust outside that little green delivery circle. This current system is only useful to us if we get hungry at Walmart. 


Donnalee says the demand is there — she’s busy making deliveries to offices at lunch, and to hotels in the evening. But she’d like to broaden her horizons past that little circle, too. So help her and help yourself by telling your favorite restaurant to sign up.

:: Ok. But what’s the cost?

You pay for the food and the delivery fee through the app. The typical fee is $5. Some of that goes to Uber, and some to the driver. Yes, you should probably tip.

:: But, will locals join in? 
Uber Eats charges restaurants 30 percent of their listed price — so on a $20 dish, the restaurant would have to eat (heh) or find a way to make up $6. So far, one local place, the Meat and Greek food truck, has joined up, and will be available whenever the truck is running locally.

:: How do I get in on this?
If you’re looking to make some extra cash but your hooptie was shunned by Uber, take heart: Standards are lower for food deliveries, with cars as far back as 1998 accepted.

:: Wow. How hard is it to get in your car and go get food yourself?

We don’t like your tone.

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