Looks good, right? Too bad you won’t find Indian food around these parts.


I’ve lived here for 20 years. I love this area and there isn’t much at all I would change. Small towns are the new metros, but without the traffic and headaches. Every time I travel across the country, I note areas with comparable size and see how they do things. There’s nothing quite like Moore County. It’s quiet and quaint. We mix a little hipster with country, and a little country club. It’s got the charm, the class, the southern hospitality, everything you could ever want and need … almost.

Here are a few things that I think would add a the finishing touch to the masterpiece that is our home. (No, Target isn’t one of them. I love Target, but you’ve got Amazon Prime now, so you’re good). 

More international food options. There are a couple of places to get a decent curry and we’ve got one, count it one, greek restaurant. I’d love to see us expand our palates and dive head first into a full Indian food experience. Or, some middle-eastern cuisine.

Food delivery. I know we just got Uber, but I’m hoping Uber Eats will soon follow. Speaking as a parent, it would make my life a lot easier if we had a greater variety of places that deliver OR a service or two that can bring dishes from our favorite local eateries right to our door, and not include some ridiculous charge or minimum order.

Another Chick-Fil-A. We don’t need any more fast food restaurants. If you drive down U.S. 1 with the window down, your face will probably break out from all of the grease in the air. However — Can. We. Get. Another. Chick-Fil-A. If you get an uncontrollable craving for nuggets at lunch any day of the week, prepare yourself for an hour long drive thru wait that is wrapped around the building twice.

Putt-Putt Golf. For real though, why is there not one single putt-putt course in the “Home of American Golf?” I don’t expect giant pirate ships or giraffes. But there’s room here for something cute and classy for kids and adults alike.

Indoor Market. One of the coolest things I’ve seen in a few other areas is an indoor farmer’s market/food hall. It combined a few static cafes with some temporary stations whose tenants rotated every weekend.

Ice Cream Trucks. You can hear the tune now can’t you? Someone should bring back this magical piece of nostalgia for the next generation. Maybe they can kick it up a notch with some offerings for the kids at heart.

More Downtown Wall Art. Can I get a mural or three in Southern Pines? The funkier the better. Thanks.

A Butcher Shop. With all the amazing push for locally-sourced, grass-fed, free-range everything, it would be awesome to have a place to drop in in between farmers’ markets.

That’s not too much, right?

This piece was written by a member of The Sway community. To submit your own, email it to hello@itsthesway.com


:: UPDATE: Since this piece was published, we’ve received some feedback from you all on what you would like to see. Here it is, edited for length and clarity:

“It would be nice to have a one- stop scaled down version of the Raleigh Farmers Market. With all kinds of produce, a meat market, fish market, and a couple of eateries serving the local product.” — someone who wants their food to be neighbors

“With top-notch places like Five Guys, the second-rated fast food places would fold! There are way too many horror stories about Chipotle restaurants!” — someone who’s scared of lettuce

“I NEED a Target. I want some ethnic restaurants.” — someone who appreciates retail therapy

“Totally agree we don’t need a Target. But we could use an amazing candy store.” — someone with a helluva sweet tooth

“Trader Joe’s! Whole Foods!”  — a grocery connoisseur who doesn’t mince words


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