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Or, as we’re calling her now, K-Dawg.

Meet Karen Sikes. An audiologist with no time to listen to your nonsense, Karen knows that if you can’t handle her at her worst, than you sure as hell don’t deserve her at her best.

While Tropical Storm Karen searches for weak, mid-level managers in the Atlantic, we thought we’d ask our own Karen about what it’s like to, you know, be a Karen in today’s climate. And she agreed, because she literally couldn’t leave her chair at Karma Beauty Bar.

We see you’re freshening up your “speak to the manager” haircut.
You cannot let that be off point. People expect it.

What’s it like being a Karen in 2019?
Being a Karen is awesome. Not a lot of people argue with me. People were afraid that we would all take over the world one manager at a time — that’s why there aren’t that many of us.

Would you say you’re a typical Karen, or have you grown to embrace the stereotype?
I speak for all Karens when I say I would hate to think of myself as typical anything. The new stereotype is rough, but they exist for a reason. I was asking to speak to the manager and embarrassing my friends and family way before there were memes about it … hell, before there were memes at all.

Ok, but who was the first to have a Gather sign in their dining room?
Definitely this Karen — in the living room. But “Classy, Sassy and a Bit Smart Assy” adorns the bedroom wall.

Wow, we thought that was the space for “Live, Laugh, Love” — you’re letting us down here.
That’s in the exercise room, complete with mirrors, where we all take line dancing lessons on the 2nd Friday night of the month. It’s potluck.

Are you bringing your famous potato salad?
It’s 2019 — those are Craizins, ma’am.

I don’t think it’s too soon to say count us out. But first, what are we drinking tonight — Duplin or White Claw?
I saw an article that said America might be running out of White Claw, freaked out and stocked up on Naturdays for the winter months. Just stick with me, honey.

We’ll keep that in mind. But before we let you go, could you send us a photo that represents all Karens?

That’ll do, K-Dawg. That’ll Do. Oh, and Susan? We’re coming for you next.

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