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Where’s The Smoke, There’s Fire Barbecue

The former home of Broad Street Bakery has two new owners ready to meat downtown Southern Pines. 

JP Longueil, former GM of Whispering Pines Country Club, and David Bungarz, the chef behind the club’s barbecue restaurant, Whispering Q, are risking it all for the brisket on an independent venture: Embers on Broad.

The two have been working to perfect a menu that incorporates longtime bakery owner Steve Grasso’s recipes for fresh bread — “there’s nowhere else downtown to get those” — and David’s techniques for smoking meat that “melts in your mouth like butter.” 

“Every time you make barbecue it’s fun to do,” he says. “People appreciate good barbecue, but don’t really know what all goes into it. In my opinion, it’s a 3-4 day process to make it right.” 

JP (left) and David have also been putting their own spin on the interior. “Steve and Jackie were here for 30 years,” David says. “We hope to be here for 30 years, but we want to bring a more modern vibe.”

An opening date has not yet been set, but we got a look at the preliminary menu and we have six little words for you: Brisket, Sausage, Egg and Cheese Sandwich. Let the meat sweats commence.

Read about Broad Street Bakery’s story while we wait for Embers on Broad’s grand opening.

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