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Whether we want to face the floating dust particles or not, the clock has struck spring cleaning. We’ve compiled a list of cleaning hacks our mamas never mentioned (please tell us we’re not the only ones) with the help of Rhodes & Co. Real Estate Broker Pat Philips. Maybe its water, maybe its vodka — or maybe it’s the coffee filter coming in clutch. Rev your spray bottles:

1. Use that Vodka Spritz for more than just confidence on the dance floor.

That’s right. When you’re pulling out your musty spring and summer clothes from that tucked away box in the closet, you can actually rid that musty smell by believing in your vodka as much as it believes in you on a Thirsty Thursday. Add vodka to a spray bottle, spritz your clothes and dampen them before putting them in the wash.

2. … And jewelry.

Yep, jewelry too. Some cleaning experts say to soak it, don’t spray it. But be careful with those precious gemstones.

3. Break Out the Coffee Filters to Strain Your Kid’s Prints from The Big Screen

We’ve never heard of this; but honestly, why wouldn’t it work? Just take the coffee filter and wipe away those gnarly little fingerprints using circular motions. The fibers won’t scratch or leave any film behind.

4. Sharpen your cleaning skills.

When was the last time you cleaned your knife block? …yeah, us, too. To clean this hunka-blocka-love, submerge the knife block for two minutes in one part – gallon of warm water and one part – tablespoon of bleach. Let your block soak for two minutes, then remove it from the mixture, turn it upside down and let it dry completely… which will probably take the next seven years.

5. It Puts the Vaccum on the Mattress

We don’t need to go into the little bottom feeders that come out and eat some of your dead skin particles at night, but we will. Mattresses can get hella gross over time. Each month, use the upholstery setting of your vacuum to remove all the dust and filth that makes its way down onto your mattress. While you’re at it, rotate it 180 degrees.

6. Give Your Shower Curtain Some R&R

You are not the only one who needs a hot shower after a long day. Swap out your liner and throw your shower curtain in the wash. Check for instructions, but usually you can tumble try them on low. Bonus: you can also use this prompt to donate your old curtain and freshen up your space with something new.

And there you hack it. Did we miss something your mama actually told you about? Email us at hello@itsthesway.com.

This piece was written in partnership with Rhodes & Co. Real Estate Broker Pat Philips. If you’re interested in selling or buying a home, give her a call at (910) 639-1550.

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