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Whiskey Pines (which would also be an awesome name for our signature cocktail) consists of Tim Stelmat on lead/rhythm guitar and lead vocals, Bobby Hancock on bass, backup vocals and harmonica; and Patrick Fuller on lead guitar, mandolin, and backup vocals. Their music is a mix of country, rock, and blues, a sound they describe as Americana.

Two men in band playing on outdooor stage

Whiskey Pines entertained the crowd at the Veterans Day Oyster Roast, a benefit for local vets at the Southern Pines Brewing Company. The Full Moon Oyster Bar donated the shellfish. The benefit supports the nonprofit organization STOIC. Ted Fitzgerald/The Pilot

How long have you been playing together?
Patrick: About 6-7 years.

What do you need more to become a successful musician — talent or drive?
Patrick: You definitely need all of the talent you can get. It’s a very competitive atmosphere right now. Although, we have seen some “not so talented” people do pretty well. I would say drive.

How has North Carolina influenced your music?
Patrick: We are both pretty simple guys and the product of your stereotypical small country town. NC is full of music.

When you’re not performing, where do you go to listen to live music?
Patrick: We can be seen listening to music around town at any of the live venues such as The Jefferson, Bell Tree, etc. We go to concerts, House of Blues, etc.

If you could play with one band, living or dead, who would you choose?
Tim: Dave Matthews Band.
Bobby: Waylon Jennings or Motley Crue.

What’s your favorite go-to karaoke song?
Patrick: Lil Pump – Gucci Gang

You can only listen to three albums for the rest of your life — which do you pick?
Bobby: R. Kelly (Blue Album), Avett Brothers (The Carpenter), and Pantera (Vulgar Display).
Tim: Dave Matthews (Live at Red Rocks), Anything by The Beatles, and Sublime (Sublime).

Top five ultimate road trip songs?
Patrick: Anything Avett Brothers, anything Band Of Heathens, anything Dave Matthews, anything Grateful Dead, and anything Eagles.

Which song do you wish would die a slow death?
Patrick: Wagon Wheel or Folsom Prison Blues. Hard choice.

Where is your favorite place to play in Moore County?
Patrick: There isn’t a bad venue honestly. I would say we like the CharBar for its simplicity and atmosphere. The Jefferson Inn for the courtyard. Drum and Quill in Pinehurst is a nice, intimate venue as well. The Bell Tree for the Patio. We used to really enjoy Rhett’s in Southern Pines. We love playing at any of Pinehurst’s events, especially at the pool on Number 2, or on the porch of The Carolina Hotel.

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