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When Faith Bardill first heard teen heartthrob Jessie McCartney perform, she knew she wanted to become a singer.

Bardill, born and raised in Sanford, is the front woman for Faith Bardill and The Back Row Saints. The country music band, made up of five members, all started because of Bardill’s guitar teacher.

“I was 15 when I was in my first band, but we were all young and hormonal so it didn’t work out,” Bardill said. “I told my guitar teacher I always wanted to be in a band and he said ‘I know some people. Let’s work this out’ and next thing I know, I’m meeting the guys in my band and they’ve been my best friends and bandmates ever since.”

That teacher, Keith Davis, plays guitar. Mike Woodell plays bass, Scott McBryde is on drums and Garrett Morrison, on guitar.

“I’m really dedicated to this career,” Bardill said. “My favorite part of this is playing for charities because I feel a part of something bigger and it makes it all worth it.”

Bardill was named the 2016 Carolina Music Awards “Country Female Artist of the Year” and the 2015 “Teen Artist of the Year,” and was also nominated for the 2017 Carolina Music Awards. Follow her music here.

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