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Clad in a vintage red floral dress, brown leather combat boots and round-framed glasses, Ella Patrick channels Momma Molasses, a name that comes from a lyric of Michael Hurley song, “Momma Molasses broke my glasses.” The name helps Ella transform on stage plus, “it’s fun and people remember it,” she says.

Artists like Bob Dylan, Michael Hurley, Janis Joplin, Hank Williams Sr. and Doc Watson, and groups like The Carter Family are a few of Patrick’s musical inspirations.

“One venue where I played called my genre ‘Alt-Country, Americana, Indie-Folk and Outsider,’ which I think sums it up pretty well, but each of my songs has one wonky and weird chord that makes it a little bit different.”

She also cites her uncle as a muse. “My uncle sang a lot of old country music. When I was little he bought me an old 1960s Suzuki guitar at a thrift store and always encouraged my love for music.”

Patrick also credits Carthage, her hometown, for influencing her career: “Growing up in a small, southern community has helped shaped my sound, which is something that I never really meant to happen, but it just kind of did,” she says. “I grew up singing a lot of Gospel music in church, so that’s something I’ve always carried with me.”

Momma Molasses’ second album, “Anthems from A Broken Heart,” (launched June 24) was produced at Casino Guitars in Southern Pines by Patrick’s friend, James Villone. “She’s good at music, and not many people are,” Villone says. “When I meet someone who is good at music, I automatically want to help them.”

“I just want to make music and make a living,” Ella says. “To do that, and to be able to do it consistently … that would be awesome.”

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