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Get Wrapped Up In This

By: Macy Grymes || Sway Intern

Overwhelmed during the holidays? Sister duo, Abbey George and Katelyn Wallace, started Sandhills Signature Gift Wrapping to help tie up your loose ends— they’ll even make them into a nice bow.

The Aberdeen locals grew up with a love for present wrapping. Now since the two are moms, they wait until their kids are in bed for wrappy hour. Abbey, who also owns Sandhills Nanny Co., brought the idea to Katelyn and things were clean cut from there. The two hope that their business will help take the load off others who may not have the time, energy, or skill (we added that last part because, well, let’s be real) to wrap gifts. 

The process is easy. Fill out a google form, which you can find via their instagram bio. You’ll put when you’d like to have the gifts wrapped by, how many gifts you have and what style, down to the color palette, you’re going for. From there, you’ll get a price quote. After wrapping you’ll schedule a time for pick-up or you can even opt for delivery. 

Price typically ranges from $6-$14 per gift but depends on if special materials are needed to fit the customers request, the size of the gifts being wrapped, how many there are, etc. They won’t be accepting super last minute orders so get them in because the last day for pickups/deliveries will be Dec. 23, Christmas eve eve. Wrap your head around it. 

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