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Pull Up. Drink. Pedal. Drink.

Why crawl when you can roll? A local team is bringing a Pedal Pub franchise to downtown Southern Pines, so you can kick your bar visits into high gear.

The local team is Par Xcellence Group, founded this year by Monty and Tara Burrell, Chad and Stephanie McCrery, Chuck and Stephanie Edmunds, Mark and Christina Bennett and Taylor and Jill Bosley.

Monty and Tara “fell in love with this community when we came here in 2020,” Monty wrote in an email to The Sway. “We saw the growth that was coming to the area and we wanted to be a part of it. Bringing new experiences to the residents of The Pines and the tourists was a key driver. The partners all decided we would make this our first business venture.”


  • The 15-passenger pedal pub has one driver, called a “pilot.” Monty says it’s “85% people powered, so each person must pedal consistently,” but there are a few seats that don’t have pedals. An e-assist kicks in if needed, but you won’t go faster than 6 mph. There are no seatbelts.
  • The pub will stick mainly to Broad Street bars, though it might go to SPBC on Air Tool Drive (no neighborhoods).
  • Alcohol is not sold on board (yet). You can fill up a cooler with beer, seltzer, wine or water to enjoy while you pedal, but you can’t bring open bevs from or to the pub.
Jake Halbert, of Pedal Pub’s corporate office in Minneapolis, left, on a training ride through Southern Pines this week with local team Tara Burrell, Monty Burrell and Chad McCrery, and pilot Jessica Davis

For now, there will be two rides daily Monday through Wednesday and three rides daily Thursday through Sunday, but hours could expand next year.

  • You might have seen the pub on the streets this week during training or tonight during its friends and family tour. Book a ride for yourself starting Friday, Dec. 15. Put the pedal to the metal.
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