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We Herd You Like Animals

Did you know you can rent a mobile petting zoo? You can, from the Pint Sized Pasture in Sanford. Owners Patrick Kelly and Katelyn James started growing crops when they inherited a farm — then Patrick sent Katelyn a video of a pig. “Next thing I know, I bought two pigs before telling him,” she says. Then she brought home two goats, and “it snowballed from there.”

“We suddenly had all these animals and we had to find a way to support that,” says Patrick. So they started the mobile zoo, and will bring everything to you for an udderly good time. “I love seeing expressions when we pull up with all our animals,” says Katelyn.

Because they’re a hare on the wild side, you can even see if a bunny is the right pet for you through their week-long trial program. The pair started the program after people started donating bunnies to them when they realized they couldn’t take care of it, or when their kids lost interest.

Photos courtesy of the Pint Size Pasture

About once a month, the farm hosts a family day and a food truck night geared toward couples. The next weekend of events is Sept. 8-9. Get a little info here.

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