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So, your brother is bringing home his new girlfriend for Christmas, you drew Susan from accounting’s name for your office’s gift exchange, and you’re fresh out of universal gift ideas that don’t involve fuzzy footwear.

Before before you head straight to the monogram mug section, we’ve taken the liberty of pulling a few ideas from your local businesses that’ll please your closest BFF and your shopping list rando alike.

:: Stained glass postcard holder from Apricate Glass Co.: It can hold hold cards, jewelry, spare M&Ms you find under your couch — literally anything. And look, it’s pretty.

:: Ornaments from Mockingbird on Broad: From the Notorious RBG to a mask-wearing gnome, there’s an ornament for every enneagram type. See who’s on the tree.

:: Hot cocoa bombs from Form V Chocolates: Because the only ball you’re dropping this holiday is this chocolatey sphere of wonder into your mug. Feel the sugar rush.

:: An eyebrow-shaping gift certificate from Fanatical Skin & Ink: Because male, female, young or old, thy eyebrows shall always be on fleek. Brow-se more options.

:: Rainbow bath bombs from The Village Soapsmith: Rumor has it if you wear a bow while bathing in a rainbow Jojo Siwa will appear and tell you to follow your dreams. Find these for $6.

:: A houseplant from Meadowflower Farms: Even if they can’t keep a plant alive, they’ll have fun trying. Peep the variety.

:: N.C. wall decor from Volunteer Woodshop: Don’t know if they’re a beach or a mountains person? This bad boy from Volunteer Woodshop has both. See more of their work.

:: Greeting cards from Create Creative Mindset: Because you know their mom would kill them for not writing a thank you note, help get them started. Mix and match.

:: A class at ARTWorks Vass: You don’t know much about their creative capabilities, but with the help of a pro at ARTWorks Vass, they’ll be painting the happiest clouds in no time. Find a gift card.

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