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We’ve done the hard work for you — pairing Girl Scout cookies with our favorite beer from Southern Pines Brewing Co. Here’s the super-scientific list, in order of the crowd favorites at Sunday’s pairing: 

1. Coconut Hefeweizen with Peanut Butter Patties (aka Tagalongs): The cookies bring out the hefeweizen’s notes of banana, creating an alcoholic peanut-butter-and-banana sandwich in your mouth. It’s a pairing fit for a king — Elvis, that is.

2. Reverse Nostalgia with Lemonades: Who pairs an IPA with cookies? We do.This lightly flavored shortbread is the perfect choice, adding a lemony sweet tartness to the hazy New England.

3. Malty by Nature with Thanks-A-Lot: This unassuming, chocolate-coated vanilla cookie would never think of overpowering the caramel malts of the Scottish Ale — thank you very much.

4. Prioress with S’mores: The coffee notes of this stout elevate the graham cracker and marshmallow in one of the Girl Scouts’ newest offerings. This cookie is a great way to start the day — whether you’re going with pure coffee or a lil’ sumpin’ extra.

5. Burning Alive with Caramel Delights (aka Samoas): This sweet, malty brew stands up to the intense flavors of caramel and coconut in what’s almost everyone’s favorite cookie — and the contrast allows the chocolate to shine.

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