Ever go somewhere fun and take your shoes off the moment you get there? Ever have people start giving you the side eye the minute your socks hit the floor and staff members asking you to put them back on or else? Ever get banned from Family Dollar?

Anyway, we figured we weren’t the only ones who have broken a rule or two in public. We’ll save you the questions you have running through your head and tell you a little bit about how to be decent at Discovery Place Kids.

Don’t Force Your Kids to Starve. While there is a vending machine, you can leave and come back all day long with your ticket; so take advantage of places within walking distance to grab a quick bite. KoolKakes Bakery is right next store, Pattan’s Downtown Grille is across the street and, a little ways up, is Hudson Brother’s Deli (only open during the week). On Sundays, the only restaurant you’ll find open is Henry’s Uptown Cafe — but their cupcakes and blackened chicken sandwich are well worth a stop.

Do Check Their Hours. They are not open most Mondays, unless it’s a holiday like Memorial Day or Labor Day. Kids are out of school, so you can trick them into more learning. They’re open until 7 p.m. on Tuesdays, so you still have a few hours to cram in some fun after work. See their full schedule here.

Do Bring a Change of Clothes. The aprons at the water table aren no match for the splashing of a 6-year-old.

Don’t Take Your Shoes Off. Like we said earlier, there are only a few public places where that’s allowed. This isn’t one of them.

Do Play with Your Kids. Don’t feel like you have to be the cool mom who’s catching up with all of her “friends” instead of getting down and dirty with your real besties. Discovery Place is more fun with you involved.

Don’t Leave the Baby at Home. There’s fun with safety in mind designed for kids ages 0-36 months at the I Can Grow exhibit. 

Do Get a Membership. If you have more than one kid, your membership pays for itself after a few visits, and you always have somewhere fun to turn on a rainy day. Check out all of the benefits here.

Don’t force them to do it all in one day. Some kids want to play at the train station from the time they get there to the time they leave, and that’s okay. They can check everything else out next time (another perk of the memberships) and explore and play at their own pace.

Do get rid of your kids every now and then. Grandparents love discovering all that the museum has to offer just as much as you do. Treat yourself to a day away and let them have some fun for once.

Don’t turn left on your way out. It’s a one way street, guys. Read a freaking sign.

This article was published in partnership with Discovery Place Kids. 

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