Whether you’re short or tall, the front tuck is here to help define your waistline and lengthen your legs — without the gross bunching that happens when you fully tuck in your shirt.

It works with anything high-waisted, from denim to pants, and shorts and skirts. To prove our point, we asked Kataphora to come through with some examples:

Tropical Cropped Hoodie – Vintage Havana – $47
High Waisted Denim Shorts – Articles of Society – $56

Striped Knit Tank – Rag Poets – $55
High Waisted Bells – Unpublished – $92

Sage Knit Sweater – Rag Poets – $59
High Waisted White Skirt – Sadie & Sage – $45

Cream Knit Sweater – Rag Poets – $59
Denim Side Button Culottes – Olive + Oak – $83
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