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If you’ve ever been forced to take an aptitude test, you know how hard it is to decide between a career as a bicycle designer or taxidermist. But Deborah Cook’s test results, which pointed to “firefighter,” were perfect for this professional who works to extinguish (heh) any and all doubts of you becoming a homeowner.

Deborah found her second career in 2012, as a real estate agent with McDevitt Town & Country, and has established a following of clients who know they can call on her to buy or sell a home — or to ask where to find a chiropractor, or a cake for their daughter’s third birthday. Meanwhile, she’s been enjoying her Pinehurst respite from the constant hustle of the music industry and her home in a busy California town.

For Deborah, the pure joy of helping people find the perfect home is worth missing a day on the golf course. She’ll help you find the gem you’ll love for years to come or until your next orders arrive. Whether it’s a first or last home, it’s important that her clients find their paradise, and she prides herself on making sure they get the exact one they want.

How? With “sugar and charm.”

“You get a lot more with honey than you do with vinegar, and I strive to be a good agent to work with, both to my customers and to other agents,” she says.

Consider this example: A woman whose fiancé was overseas, three hours from a JAG office (aka in the middle of nowhere), when it was time to get him to sign paperwork for an offer on the couple’s dream home. Impossible? Not for Deborah. She had her client write a letter to the homeowners, letting them know how much this house meant to them, and boom: mission accomplished.

Deborah’s three best friends are all former customers; people she never knew before but was lucky enough to work with. It’s possibly attributed to her sugar and charm, but also her willingness to be a helpful resource to everyone new in town.

She’s always forthright, and tells them the good and bad, like: “Yes, we have mosquitoes. Put a dryer sheet in your pocket, get some lavender spray and enjoy the outdoors from your screened-in porch.”

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This piece was produced in partnership with McDevitt Town and Country.

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