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We’re having a hard time finding a box that this 34-acre farm located at 185 Blue Siding Rd. in Carthage doesn’t check. If there’s any time to consider investing in your own private kingdom that’s secluded from madness and free of trolls — it’s right now.

With two houses, a recreation building, a barn and a pool on the property, you can host a kickball tournament for your herd of farm animals. You can literally designate two rooms for your collect collection of vintage Pez dispensers. What we’re trying to say is that the opportunities are pretty much endless.

Built in 1996, there’s a total of over 7,000 sq. ft. of finished living area. Between the two houses, there are 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 2 half baths, a cherry wood den, and an attached greenhouse.  

If you’re an animal person, the two-story, 120-foot-long barn has space for the occupants of Noah’s Arc. If you’re not an animal person, you can string some lights on those trusses and offer up the space as a wedding venue. There’s even a chicken aviary — and we all know chickens are a thing right now.

Three ponds across the property make for a fisherman’s dream. An in-ground pool adds to the waterfront fun. So basically, you don’t have to leave the farm to take a vacation.

And as for the actual farming on this farm? We mentioned the organic vegetable gardens, the greenhouse and the hiking trails, but there’s much more. You can find established blueberries, figs, fruit trees and pecans, as well as eight fenced and irrigated lush, organic pastures at 185 Blue Siding Rd.

There’s even more to this Carthage Kingdom, but we won’t spoil it. Contact Jo-an DeSell with DeSell & Co. to schedule an in-person tour.

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