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Liberty Soccer Academy is a name new to the Sandhills, but founder Andrew Bradham has more than a decade of experience creating and perfecting entry-level, developmental and advanced soccer programming in the Triangle area.

Andrew founded Liberty in 2007, after a collegiate and professional soccer career.

“So many players were having mediocre to negative experiences because they were treated like a number elsewhere,” Andrew says. “At Liberty we created an atmosphere that engaged each individual in an exciting and direct fashion. This is what led to our success over the years.”

After more than a decade of training young players, Andrew and his family moved to the Southern Pines area to be closer to extended relatives. He brought Liberty Soccer Academy with him.

A Whole-Player Approach

With a focus on training and individual player development, Liberty Soccer develops the whole player from preschool to college and beyond. Their commitment to individual player development stems from their belief that no athlete should be treated like a number. By cultivating an atmosphere that actively engages everyone, they’ve developed a reputation of producing successful athletes.

“LSA has always been home to a high concentration of quality coaching staff,” Andrew says. “Our focus on bringing in the highest-quality people and cultivating a culture of teamwork and excellence as a staff has promoted our programming to a whole new level.” 

What Liberty Has to Offer:

Get a look at what Liberty Soccer Academy has to offer in the Sandhills with their 8-week fall programming:

Fall Little Legends

Designed for toddlers and preschoolers (ages 3-5), the Little Legends program uses fun and imaginative soccer programing to capture their attention. This 8-week program starts with foundations that’ll improve their physical movement, show them the basics, and of course, cultivate love of the game at a young age. Learn more here.

Youth Training System

This fall, Liberty Soccer Academy will continue offering the Youth Training System for players of all skill levels and abilities.

In this 8-week training program participants will learn technical skills like dribbling, passing and receiving the ball, as well as strength and agility training and teamwork in preparation for game play in the recreational league. The youth training system is available for girls and boys ages 6-12. Find more information here.

Fall Rec League

The recreational league is designed for players looking to play games at a local level. Each player registered will be placed on a parent-coached team for an 8-week season starting Aug. 31. Learn more about the LSA fall recreational league and register for the upcoming season.

Academy Teams

Train and play like a pro on one of the competitive teams at Liberty Soccer Academy, from U8 to U14.

Included in your youth academy team package is the opportunity to learn from professional coaches, tournaments and games, speed training, winter futsal and pick up games. See what else the youth academy program has to offer and get signed up.

Want to learn more about Liberty Soccer Academy? Visit the website or follow them on Facebook or Instagram.

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