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If you’ve ever told someone from out of town that you were from Pinehurst, you’ve probably received the “Oh, my dad plays golf there,” response. It’s a fact: Dads love golf and dads love Pinehurst, so whether your padre frequents the green or just likes to rep the good ol’ village, here are some Pinehurst Resort lewks you can get for dad that’ll encourage him to retire those cargo shorts from Sam’s Club.

1. The Dad Who Actively Uses Snapchat

“Cnt tlk. Playing a round @ Pnhrst #2 wit Steve. Call u back l8r.”

He may also still use text lingo, but hey, his work just gave him an iPhone 5 and he’s a hip, techno guy. May also like: a new pair of Sperrys, but he wouldn’t be caught dead wearing socks with them because that’s lame, obviously.

2. The “Name the winner of the 1999 U.S. Open” Dad

That flag will look excellent on the wall in his man cave beside his “Drink Local” bottle opener.

AKA the man is serious about the game and will quiz you at the dinner table. May also enjoy: A photo op at the Payne Stewart statue because he “needs a new Facebook profile picture.”

3. The “You can call me anything, but just don’t call me late for dinner” Dad.

The plaid shirt and coffee mug really scream “classic dad.”

Yup, he’s the king of dad jokes, but he prefers to call them “witty retorts.” This ensemble is perfect for the classic dad who owns plaid button downs in a myriad of colors and gets highly offended when you put ketchup on your steak. May also like: a new pair of Maui Jim sunglasses.

4. The Dad Who Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead Using Top-Flight Gear

The only game this man plays is the game of golf.

That’s right, Titleist only. If he’s going to play on the big courses, he’s going to have all the right equipment. May also enjoy: A Nike “Just Do It” hat.

5. The Dad Who Won Tickets to the 2014 U.S. Open on the Radio

Five years ago you overheard him ask his buddy where the Masters were being played.

He never really paid much attention to the game at first, but come on, he was 50 feet away from Phil Mickelson one time. He’s pretty much an expert now. May also enjoy: A new telephoto lens for his Nikon.

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