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You can count on the pumpkin spice latte to make its debut in time for the mosquitos to get their fix — but if you’re looking to go beyond basic (extra basic?) there are plenty of other fall-esque drinks around that are worthy of your IG story. Allow us to enlighten you.

1. The Butterball from Swank

If you’re going to look the part, you might as drink the part at Swank. Honorable mention: Autumn in a Cup.

2. Pumpkin Beer, Obviously.

If you prefer to drink your carbs, this is the way to do it. And Oktoberfest continues at Southern Pines Growler Co. through Oct. 6. Get your local pumpkin fix at Railhouse Brewing Co.’s Pumpkin Cider that’s on tap now.

3. Fall Sangria from Ironwood

White wine infused with fresh sage from Ironwood’s garden + cinnamon, apple cider, rum, lemons and apples = the seasonal way to fuel your poor decisions.

4. Clean Juice’s Pumpkin One Smoothie

 If you want to know exactly what’s going into your body, then this one at Clean Juice is for you. It includes actual pumpkin AND pumpkin spice, banana, vanilla, and maple syrup.

5. Buggy Town’s Autumn Spice Latte

Just because your tastebuds hate pumpkin doesn’t mean they should be denied the chance to get festive. This Buggy Town option has none of the gourd, and it’s all good.

6. High Octane’s Butterscotch Twist

With eight drinks on the fall menu, you can’t go wrong with a visit to High Octane. This shop has something for pumpkin naysayers (butterscotch twist latte) to traditionalists looking for something a little extra (pumpkin nut white mocha).

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