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Winter in the South can mean 80 degrees or 30 degrees, but boiled peanut szn happens independent of the weather. If you frequent N.C. 211, you may have seen Laura Crockett, who took over the stand held by Treis Williams about four months ago. He passed on his Cajun and regular recipes to Laura. 

You’ll find Laura, who grew up eating boiled peanuts in Moore County, smiling and waving enough to break anyone out of their shell. “This is my office. How lucky am I?” she says. “You don’t see too many people doing this anymore. It’s like handing people bags of happiness.” 

Boiled peanuts might be what you call an acquired taste. The shell is soft, and the taste is more like a bean than a peanut. But, the boiling process draws antioxidants from the shells. All the salt is just a bonus.

Get a pint for $4 and a quart for $7. She’ll also sell them by the pot for $90 if you call ahead (they freeze well). Find her from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursday and Friday at 10002 N.C. 211 in Aberdeen. 

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