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We asked a Moore County firefighter which fireworks were dangerous. The answer: all of them.

First of All: How Many Calls do You Get on the Fourth of July?

Over the last 5 years, we have averaged four calls a day on the Fourth of July, which is about the normal amount of calls that we respond to on a daily basis. We do however see a larger amount of outside fires caused by fireworks around this time of year. Nationally, fireworks cause around 18,500 fires a year.

What is the Craziest Call You’ve Been On?

They craziest call that I have been on during the Fourth of July holiday was a medical call in which a person that was trained in using explosives picked up a firework that malfunctioned, and exploded upon him picking it up. The subject received severe burns and the loss of a couple fingers.

What Fireworks are Most Dangerous?

All fireworks are considered dangerous and should be left up to licensed professionals. Even handheld sparklers are extremely dangerous, as they burn at temperatures up to 3000 degrees.

Any Tips for People Likely to be Drinking and Playing with Fireworks?

Alcohol and fireworks do not mix. All fireworks should be left to licensed professionals to use.  According to a national study, almost 60 percent of all firework-related injuries involved alcohol.

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