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We know them, we love them and we’ll admit — sometimes, we act like them, too. If you scroll through social media this summer, you’ll most likely see a few of these items featured on your basic friend’s Instagram page. If you see that they’re missing something from our list, do them a solid and forward them this article.

1. Spiked Seltzer

Truly, White Claw … whatever. As long as it has 1 carb and it’s grapefruit flavored, put that ish in a Yeti cup and hit the pool A$AP Rocky.

2. Floppy hat with a summer saying written in cursive

How will anyone on social media know that your basic friend is feeling the summer vibes if it’s not written on their hat? They won’t, and that’s pretty much unacceptable. Help a sister out and refer her to the nearest Target before she has an identity crises.

3. Workout tank that somehow incorporates the word “slay”

Or, something about only running for margaritas.

4. Birkenstocks

Chances are your basic BFF owns these in multiple colors. We love a good pair of Birks, too, and they’ve truly made a transformation from the “hippy sandal” to a summer staple. Basic on a budget? These Birken-knockoffs can be found at Walmart for $15.

5. A pool float shaped like another basic item.

So they can relax on their rosé floaté and drink rosé all day. Bonus points if this is done while wearing a bathing suit that actually says “rosé all day.”

6. Insulated wine glass

Okay, we’ll admit that these things are actually pretty handy, despite their basic rating of 82 percent on the fake “basic” scale we’ve created solely for this occasion. They keep wine cold and usually come with a lid, so your basic BFF can protect every precious drop of that $5 pinot grigio.

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