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Spend one day on the sports course at the NAV and bid farewell to little Aeighdenn’s boredom complaints. The 70-acre course boasts 20 activity stations. From a bike trail and archery course, to a beer garden — there’s something for the offspring and for you.

What Is It?

The sports course is designed similarly to a golf course. American flags serve as markers for each of the stations. The field house serves as the base for the course, housing indoor activities like basketball and volleyball, as well as bike rentals and concessions (and the beer). It’s closed currently, so we skipped right to the great outdoors.

Our tour guide, Rachel, showed us stop number one — the beach area and the beer garden. We didn’t go for a game of beach volleyball or human foosball, but the beach has space for both.

We hit station number two for spear throwing, revealing our lack of upper-arm strength and coordination.

Archery with nerf-like arrows came next. Fake farm animals, each surrounded by a circle barrier, scattered the pine straw. The goal is to hit your animal target or at least get your arrow inside the circle. Think mini golf, but waaay more entertaining.

Hitting the Trails

Rachel led us through the a slack line and a rope obstacle before we got a look at Ambush Park. Littered with all kinds of objects and hiding spaces, Ambush Park is used for airsoft games and water balloon fights in the summer.

Making our way across the open field space used for soccer, rugby and more, we entered the bike and walking trail. The NAV has bike rentals for $10 per day, or you can bring your own for the trail. We chose to travel by foot, hopping and weaving through a variety of rope obstacles and balance beams.

The NAV’s obstacle course is sometimes used as a training facility for Spartan Races, but after confirming our fear of heights while climbing the rope obstacles, we don’t foresee any of those in our futures.

The bike/obstacle trail is equipped with first aid stations throughout, and thankfully we didn’t have to utilize any. At this point, we’d lost track of our station count until we hit the Adventure Barn. The Adventure Barn is available as a rental space for parties and picnics, and is stocked with games like spike ball and corn hole.

Our trip and our exercise rings came full-circle when we spotted the beach and the beer garden in the distance.

Toasting to no injuries and achieved step goals, we ended our afternoon appropriately.

Schedule Your Day of Play at the NAV

Day passes for the NAV’s sports course are just $10 per person, but individual memberships are $25 per month. Bring your dog along on a leash for an extra $10 a day or an extra $65 for the year.

We knew you’d be curious, so we asked about traveling with your beer from the beer garden. Enjoy your beer on the beach, but if you open it there, you have to drink it there. Unopened beers from the concession area can be brought to the soccer fields if little Aeighdenn challenges little Jaxsinn to a pickup match.

To schedule your day on the sports course, give them a call to reserve a time at 910-585-3212. You can also call ahead for a guided tour of the course. The NAV is open Monday through Friday from 3-10 p.m., Saturday from 10 a.m. until 10 p.m. and Sunday from 2-10 p.m.

Learn more about the NAV’s sports course and what else they have to offer by visiting their website.

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