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Mas-A-Wrap Filipino and Asian food truck rolled out for the first time last Saturday, stationing itself in the dirt lot beside Pony Espresso. Within just a few hours, the truck sold out, and customers blew up Facebook with rave reviews.

Chicken Lumpia served with adobo rice, fruits, cucumber and sweet chili sauce.

Mas-A-Wrap offers traditional dishes like lumpia with chicken, pork or shrimp, pancit and more.

Chicken BBQ served with Java rice, fruits, cucumbers and papaya salad.

Mary Ann Brown started Mas-A-Wrap as a way to share her love for food and hospitality with the community. The Browns began toying with the idea three years ago. Steven fixed up an old Frito-Lay truck and after a long wait for permits, they hit the road.

“Filipino food is kind of left out when it comes to Asian cuisine,” Mary Ann said. “I decided this was my way to introduce it to our community.”

The truck also offers desserts like this Halo halo. Halo halo is sweetened ube (purple yam), sweetened mung beans, kidney beans, palm nut, milk and shredded young coconut. It’s topped with more ube and leche flan. Photo contributed.

The Filipino word “masarap,” and the basis for the truck’s name loosely translates to “delicious” in English. Mary Ann said they added the “W” to make “Mas-A-Wrap” to pay homage to one of the truck’s specialties, lumpia, which is a spring roll-style wrap that can be made with meat or vegetables.

A native of Legazpi, a city in the Philippines, Mary Ann serves as the chef in the equation. She grew up watching her dad cook and learned the importance that food plays in bringing people together.

“Our culture is very welcoming, and food is the first thing we offer to everyone we meet,” Mary Ann said.

(Left to right) Steve, their daughter, Bridgette, dog Boo Bear and Mary Ann ran out of food on their first day of serving. Photo contributed.

Mas-A-Wrap went out on its second run to the Legacy Lakes neighborhood, but Mary Ann and Steven said they plan to continue their Saturdays in the Pony Espresso lot. They also said that they’ll begin parking beside Cactus Creek coffee in Aberdeen every Thursday from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. starting June 4.

“I want to have different specials every time we go out,” she said. “I think we’ll add a shrimp fritter next.”

To learn about Mas-A-Wrap’s whereabouts, follow them on Facebook.

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