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You already know what time it is — time to give up on decorating your house and go look at these beauts instead. Here’s what’s worth the drive.

1. 4200 Niagara Carthage Road, Whispering Pines

The Greene Brothers are at it again with their small-but-mighty drive-thru light display — because it’s not Christmas until you’re trapped in a light tunnel while blaring Mariah Carey. The station is 89.1 FM. 

2. Whisper Grove Court, Whispering Pines

We’re not sure if you can spot Whispering Pines from space. But if you can, it’s thanks to the work of Todd Reed and his neighbors.

3. 1120 Pineywood Church Road, Cameron

On this country road not far from U.S. 1, you’ll find a lovely home classically decorated with white lights. This is not it.
The owners of this technicolor dream have roped off their driveway, so we couldn’t knock on their door and ask them how one procures 36 glowing dolphins. You know, for a friend.

4. Park Court, Pinehurst No. 6

Follow Juniper Lake Road to Oak Tree Lane, then turn onto Park Court and be pleasantly blinded by the work of Toni and Yvonne Chempinski. This year, their home won first place in the Pinehurst Christmas Decorating Contest, so make sure to do a slow cap as you roll by.

5. 1205 Devonshire Trail, Aberdeen: 

There’s more than one light show on this street, but it’s the fat man mating call on the roof that really seals the deal. Jennifer Peden says she and her husband start putting the display together in October each year, using clearance items bought after the end of the previous season. That’s — wait for it — bright.  

6. 135 Fox Run Road, Pinehurst

David and Katrina Loller are committed to keeping their neighborhood lit, with high voltage displays synched to music each Halloween and Christmas at what they’ve named Holly Jolly Lights. Santa is rewarding their efforts by visiting their yard early this year, on Dec. 20, and accepting letters from onlookers. Turn it to 98.9 FM.

7. 2344 Cranes Creek Road, Cameron

Take a country drive out to Cameron and you’ll see this full spread of light-up, animated deer — plus real, actual deer. In the road. Look out.

8. 536 Bascom Chapel Road, Robbins

No one photo can capture the sheer amount of luminescent joy in this yard. It goes by the Davis Christmas Lights Display, and is in the running for an official listing on the national Tacky Light Tour.

9. 5 Wicker Lane, Pinehurst

The Leonard Family put this all up themselves, despite having seven kids that are all home-schooled. In fact it was only the 7-year-old who helped — but untangling all the extension cords. It is the family’s first year in the Wicker Lane home — the house across the lane looks good, too.

Want more? Of course you do. Check out this fun map created by Kati Horvath — direct link here.

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