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In case you didn’t know, Carthage has lots of old stuff, but what you may not have known is it has historic, old stuff. Here’s the rundown on Carthage’s Historic Homes that really do go way back — like 18th century way back.

Carthage is home to the Daniel Blue House, Alexander Kelly House, Bruce-Dowd-Kennedy House, J.C. Black House, and Moore County Courthouse, which are all listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


:: The Daniel Blue House: Also known as Highlanders Farm, it’s a two-story, gable-roof log house sheathed in weatherboard built in about 1795.


:: The Alexander Kelly House: The Alexander Kelly House, also known as the John B. Kelly House, is a two-story, historic plantation house built in 1842.

:: The Bruce-Dowd-Kennedy House: The Bruce-Dowd-Kennedy House is another on the list of Carthage’s Historic Homes. It’s a Greek Revival, single story cottage built in about 1850.

:: The Waddell-Larkin house: The Waddell-Larkin house is another historic home in Carthage that is under under restoration. Follow the renovation here.


:: The J.C. Black House: The J.C. Black House is a large, two-story, Queen Anne-style home built in 1893.


:: The Moore County Courthouse: The Moore County Courthouse is a three-story, Renaissance Revival style, limestone building built in 1922-23.


:: The Carriage House: The Carriage House is now a B&B renovated from a historic Carthage home built in 1870. Read our story on it.

:: The Old Buggy Inn: Although it now operates as a bed and breakfast, the Old Buggy Inn house was designed for buggy mogul William T. Jones. Jones was co-founder of the Tyson & Jones Buggy Company, and the home was built in the 1880s. Read more about the Old Buggy Inn.

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