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1406 N. Sandhills Blvd., Aberdeen. Tuesday hours: 11-9

Our pick: On any day, get two soft tacos — one steak, one chicken — off the lunch menu for $6.99. On Taco Tuesday, ground beef or chicken tacos with a soft or hard shell are 99 cents each. Plus, the service is always solid. 

Benji’s San Franciso Taqueria

115 Dawkins St, Aberdeen. Tuesday hours: 9-9. Beer on tap. 

Our pick: A selection of three street-style soft tacos: chorizo, carne asada and el diablo. Served with rice and beans. $10.69. 


211 Central Park Ave., Pinehurst. Tuesday hours: 11-9

Our pick: Three corn tacos — one al pastor (add $1), one chorizo and one carne asada — with rice and beans. $10.

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San Felipe

1840 N. Sandhills Blvd., Aberdeen. Tuesday hours: 11-10

Our pick: Three tacos — carnitas, chorizo diabla and carne asada — with rice and beans. $9.29

Habanero’s Taqueria

207 W. Morganton Rd., Southern Pines. Tuesday hours: 10-9. No alcohol.

Our pick: Literally any three tacos, which range from steak asada to barbacoa (leg of lamb) and lengua (beef tongue). $7.50

The Leadmine

132 W. Pennsylvania Ave. Tuesday hours: Noon to 10 p.m.

If you’re lucky enough to catch a Taco Tuesday special at The Leadmine, it’ll be one you won’t forget. Specials and prices vary.

Taqueria La Mexicana Trucks (Nos. 1 & 2)

No. 1 parks at 984 Old U.S. 1 from 10-8.
No. 1 parks at 395 S Sandhills Blvd, Aberdeen, from 9-9.
No alcohol (duh).

Our pick: Two carne asada tacos, with a cute little glass coke bottle on the side. If you’re at No. 1, wait for a warm day and enjoy it at one of their little patio tables. If you’re at No. 2, eat it in your car while you watch traffic fly by on U.S. 1. $4

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