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I initially chose to attend a HIIT Cycle class because the FirstHealth Fitness Center schedule said it was only 30 minutes long. It’d been a long Wednesday and I just kind of wanted to get the whole working out thing over with.

I’ll start by saying that before yesterday, I was a spin class virgin. The only cycling I’d done recently was riding my hand-me-down mountain bike a half a mile to work when my car died. But, it couldn’t be that hard … right?

This is the instructor, Nicole. She’s tough, she means business and she’s awesome. Oh, and I promise there were more people in the class. They all got the memo to stay in the back row so no one can judge them.

When the instructor started blasting a Lady Gaga remix and shouting to chase 125 RPM less than a minute into class, I realized that I was so, so wrong.

So, apparently HIIT Cycle is 30 minutes because the cycle-sprint intervals are so intense. The class is a series of sprints, jumps and sprinting jumps (AKA pedaling as fast as you can while standing up on the bike) that’s set to music. Your goal is to chase a certain RPM the entire time.

Needless to say, HIIT Cycle surprised me and kicked my ass. I’m not even trying to be dramatic. At one point, I thought I was going to fall off the bike like a cartoon hamster that’s spinning too fast on its wheel.

Regardless, I’m so glad that I went, and I felt a lot better about the beer I had later that night. In the market for a new workout class? Check out FirstHealth Fitness Center’s class schedule.

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