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What’s a vintage-loving fashionista do with a closet full of clothes and nowhere to go? She puts her wardrobe up for a contactless charity sale.

Shera Collins (organizer of last year’s Sept. 11 remembrance in Southern Pines, among other things) is parting with pieces from her vintage wardrobe via a Poshmark online auction, with proceeds going to charity.

Shera’s Strong Soul Poshmark closet features a variety of vintage pieces, as well as some newer unique pieces. The prices listed are what Shera believes are fair, but she also is open to creative bartering. For example, she’ll be willing to trade a vintage skirt for 15 acts of community service. Just send her photos of you doing the service, and the item is yours.

If you have any vintage finds you’d like to lend to the cause, Shera is also taking donations. If you have anything with the 90’s solo cup Jazz pattern, we call dibs. 

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