Food is expensive — so is the perfect party cocktail and kid-friendly punch, appetizers the whole family will love, all the ingredients for your famous turkey brine … you get it. Being a hostess is hard. Save yourself some bucks with these place settings from the Dollar Tree. All materials sourced from the Southern Pines location. 

No.1 — The Sparkle Harvest.

For all of you who believe the more bling, the better.

Items used: Square of red and gold snowflake wrapping paper; one plastic gold charger; one white ceramic plate with gold trim; one white ceramic bowl with gold trim; one clear wine glass big enough for five servings; one strand of gold-and-silver garland, cut into smaller pieces; two napkins (from a full pack); one bow ornament (from a pack of four); one strand of gold and silver bells. Price: about $7.


No. 2 — The Traditional.

A place setting your grandmother would approve of. Whether or not that’s a good thing is up to you.

Items used: Green fabric placemat; red plastic charger; ceramic ivy dinner plate; ceramic ivy dessert plate; one red and one white napkin (from two separate packs); one green “jingle bell” bracelet party favor; one ivy wine glass. Price: Around $6.10.


No.3 — The Nonconformist

For those who love silver and all that goes with it.

Items used: Square of blue, white and silver snowflake wrapping paper; silver plastic charger; creamy white ceramic dinner plate; shiny blue plastic snowflake dish; two white napkins (from a pack); one clear wine glass, with blue tint; one snowflake ornament; one sparkly ribbon, with a very weird texture. Price: Roughly $5.26.


No.4 — The Kid’s Table

For your nieces and nephews, or anyone that needs extra incentive to eat their roasted carrots.

Items used: Shiny gift bag; light-up necklace; red plastic tray to keep food from touching; giant candy cane to keep them busy; snowman mug; Santa napkin. Price: About $5.15.


Love dollar store decor? Let us know what we should design next at hello@itsthesway.com. Think this was stupid? Fine, but keep that noise to yourself.

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