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More and more communication happens via emojis. It saves time and minimizes thumb cramps. They are getting pretty creative with the little icons but we figured it was time for us to make a list of where emojis are falling short.

A turnip: How are we supposed to emoji the phrase turn up ???

An upside down bird: Because sending someone a hand just doesn’t hit the same. Insults are funnier when you have to think about it.

Exhibit A: a flipped bird

A Guy Fieri chef’s kiss: Technically you could make a chef’s kiss emoji with several other emojis, but none of them would have frosted tips or an unrestrained passion for loaded french fries.

A Silly Goose: We have a literal zoo at our disposal, but what about a fitting picture for someone who just likes to create chaos for no reason? Or for someone who needs to know that if you mess with the honk, you get the bonk?

More heart colors: TBH, we don’t know why there isn’t a sway coral yet. Rude. Until one exists, we’re forced to send people hearts in orange. *shudder*

Flying Pig: Sometimes you need a creative way to call out someone’s BS. And that someone is your mom, who thinks the baseball cap means it’s sunny out.

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