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I Found THE Peach Cobbler Recipe

… and it landed on my front porch.

My first summer in the pines was peachy thanks to my neighbor Karen (yes, there are some good ones out there). I came home one evening in July of last year to find Karen hand-delivering baskets of peaches to our nearby neighbors. “That is so kind,” I thought to myself. “This must be a living-in-the-South sort of thing.” Growing up at the Jersey Shore, we enjoyed peaches in the summertime — but, of course, never with a southern accent and generous smile.

Little did I know that a basket would be waiting for me with an extra touch of Southern hospitality. Atop the ripe peaches sat a hand-written recipe on what to do with them.

The Recipe

In case you can’t read the ‘you are mermazing’ stationery, here’s the instructions:

Easy Peach Cobbler

Mix these ingredients until well blended:
— 1 Cup Flour (Self rising)
— 1 Cup Milk
— 1 Cup Sugar

In a 9×9 bake dish, melt 1 stick of butter in a 350° oven

When butter has melted, add to dish:
— 2-3 cups peaches, peeled and sliced
— Pour batter mix on top (add a sprinkle of brown sugar on top)
— Return to oven and bake til brown around edges and bubbly!

Living in the South is Peachy

Neighbor Karen was right. This cobbler recipe was as simple as it was delicious. And the whole experience was pretty sweet for this Jersey girl.

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