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If the hoomans are doin’ you a disappoint, there’s no better time than the present to find your perfect match in one of the adoptable pets from the Moore Humane Society. There are plenty of good girls and good boys to go around at the humane society — allow us to introduce you to a few.

Moore Humane Society Dogs:

Meet Brutus. Brutus came to the shelter as an owner surrender. He’s been there for a little over a year, and his friends at the humane society describe him as a “big boy with a big heart.” He loves his Moore Humane Society fam, but he sure would like a forever home. Just look at that mlem.

How cute is Bailey? She’s a one-year-old “frisky redhead” who’s still alllll puppy. Equally fun and sweet, Bailey is perfect for an active home.

Behold: the smiliest good girl, Rosie. Rosie is a german shepherd with a big heart and a big appetite. She’s super smart and is bound to be the most loyal companion. Just don’t leave your sandwich on the counter.

This good looking guy is Buddy. Buddy is a spaniel mix who, like our friend Molly, was found on the side of the road. He’s friendly, he’s loyal and he’s very attentive to his owner. What’s not to love?

ICYMI: Molly, a white terrier, was abandoned on the side of the road recently with a note attached to her collar. Read the story here.

And last , but not least — this lil’ man’s name is Apollo. He’s just a young guy right now, but he should be ready for a hooman really soon. The folks at Moore Humane Society say he’s going to be huge, but that just means there’s more to love.

Adoptable Cats:

This is Abby. Sure, she looks like she’s giving you the side eye, but she was just confused why we were taking pictures and not giving her pets. She’s extremely sweet, very playful and will 100 percent watch The Bachelor with you without interrupting.

Meet sweet Garfield. Contrary to his cartoon namesake, real Garfield isn’t super lazy or manipulative. When he’s not staring wistfully into the distance, he’s probably chasing around a ball or nuzzling his head against your hand. Such. A. Good. Boy.

Say hello to Sheba. Sheba is a young female who was rescued from the streets so that she could live like a feline queen in the home of human queen. Anyone tryna snuggle?

Yes, the photos of these pets are adorable, but what if you could love them IRL? Find out how to adopt through the humane society here. Can’t adopt? They’re always looking for volunteers. Fill out an application.

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