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Ladies and gentlemen, this is not a yolk. You know there’s a crisis afoot when it becomes a widespread meme. So, we compiled a list of a few local farms that’ll meat your protein needs. Plus, it’s always nice to know where your food is from, right?

CaroKen Farm

  • If you’re on an egg hunt, Caroken Farm’s and their free-roaming hens have got your back for $5/dozen. If you want to go one step further, they are licensed to sell hatching eggs and chicks… aka you can start your own flock and get eggs on the daily! Duck eggs will also be available for purchase soon.

Misty Morning Ranch

  • One ostrich egg = an omelette for, like, 12 people. And ostrich meat will give you the red meat fix you’re craving, all while being better for you and the environment. Prices range anywhere from $13 to $30 per pound. If you’re a stickler for tradition they also offer pasture-raised, 100% antibiotic free chicken.

Red Hill Family Farm

  • Red Hill’s chickens are ethically and humanely raised on the farm’s fresh pastures. You can purchase a whole chicken for $25 or grab your favorite parts, like the feet, for just $3. Order on their website or find them once a month at the James Creek Cider House Farmers Market.

Sassafras Ridge Farm

  • From pork spareribs to chicken organs, Sassafras is here to help you check off the protein section of your grocery list with meat prices from $16 to $6/lb. If you’re into broth, bones are $3/lb. Keep an eye on their Instagram because soon you’ll also be able to check eggs off the list every time you drop by the farm.

Tanglewood Farm

  • Along with being a bed and breakfast, Tanglewood also sells eggs in limited quantities. For inquires give them a ring at 617-680-6351.

Uncle Si’s Farm

  • You can find Uncle Si’s products at his farm, at Nature’s Own, or the Corner Store in Pinehurst. Pickins include the whole hog for $3/lb, pork liver for $4/lb, a dozen eggs for $5, and at least 15 more options that’ll help you fill up at dinnertime.

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