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Whether you’re new to golf or a seasoned pro, you’ll want to change your grips every now and then. Like tires, grips get worn down and give you a performance not up to par.

That’s where Golf Pride comes in. Golf Pride is a global brand for golf grips and grip innovation. For non-golfers, thats the squishy handle part.

 “There is value in re-gripping,” says Andy Bare. Grips actually have a huge impact on performance and Golf Pride is researching as much as they can to further develop those stats. Anything from hand size, heat and texture can affect how you play.

Golf Pride isn’t new to Pinehurst, but its new retail space is. It’s even got that new rubber smell. In mid-June they opened their first ever space to sell directly to the consumer.

So what’s that mean? They can give you a custom experience that makes you feel like you’re on tour with the pros. Golf Pride offers fittings to make sure you’re playing with the right grip and they can even install grips on your clubs right then and there — something most retailers don’t do. 

“You want something that feels good in your hand,” says Katie Hoadley, Consumer Experience Manager. “It’s your only connection to the club, it’s important.” Hand measurements are one of the most important steps in the fitting process because yeah, size matters. 

What’s unique about their new space is that the whole HQ is all in the same building. From the birth of an idea, to the prototypes, down to the retail lab, Golf Pride is ensuring they don’t slip up in any way to better their business. 

“We wanted it to be unlike anything else you can find,” says Katie. We’re not sure about you but we have yet to see another office with a 9-hole putting course around it. 

The retail lab is open Monday through Friday, ​​8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Find it at 15 Centennial Boulevard Pinehurst or check out the website here.

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