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Panic At The Citgo

If gas prices have you considering exchanging your horsepower for, well, horse power, boost your fuel economy with these tips from the U.S. Department of Energy and the American Automobile Association:

Us rolling up to Sunday brunch | photo: Robbins Farmer’s Day parade
  • Premium gas gives better gas mileage: Myth. If your manual doesn’t recommend it, it’s as useless as a passenger without a good playlist. 
  • Running the AC wastes gas: Fact. Using the AC can reduce fuel economy by more than 25 percent. Roll your windows down and pretend the heat means you’re on your way toward a beach cocktail.
  • Leaving the car on uses less gas than restarting it: Myth. If it’s going to take more than 60 seconds to run back in and find that thing, it’s better to turn off your engine and save two to five cents per minute.
  • Driving below 50 MPH improves fuel efficiency: Fact. It’s estimated that every 5 mph above 50 costs you an additional $0.34 per gallon at the pump. Watch out, grandma is now behind the wheel.
  • Cargo boxes don’t reduce fuel economy when empty: Myth. Rooftop obstructions always cause wind resistance, reducing fuel economy by up to 25 percent at interstate speeds. Just another reason why post-trip procrastination doesn’t pay.

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