Meet The Woman Who Cuts the Cheese

Meet The Woman Who Cuts The Cheese Sarah Kaufmann is spending her week carving two sculptures out of giant blocks of cheddar for Pinecroft Harris Teeter. She’s originally from Wisconsin, [...]

What Your Golf Hat Says About You

What Your Golf Hat Says About You Because it has to be the only sport where the spectators dress like they’re going to be drafted at any moment, you’ll be seeing more golf hat fashion [...]

Plate Drives Attention

Plate Drives Attention Pinehurst resident John Spangler has been driving around with his custom “USOPEN24” license plate for about a decade. Why? He and his wife, Kathy, are avid [...]

Suite Profits? Local Landlords Talk U.S. Open

What if you could make money for being out of town? That’s what several Moore County residents have done or are trying to do by renting out their homes to tourists or workers during the week of [...]

Pinehurst Gets More Green

Pinehurst Resort has opened a new course for the first time in nearly 30 years — Course No. 10 at the Pinehurst Sandmines. You’ll find an 18-hole golf course, a driving range, and a [...]

Southern Pines Golf Club Opens Putting Course

Calling All Social Putterflies Overhills, a new 18-hole putting course designed by Kyle Franz, opened today at Southern Pines Golf Club. The 22,000-square-foot course is named after a course [...]

Take a Swing at This Virtual Golf Lounge Coming to Southern Pines

We’re Ready to Go Clubbing If your karaoke skills have never impressed a date, you’ll soon have a new nightlife option to take a swing at. A local foursome is opening Double [...]

Talamore Golf Resort Gets New Interactive Toptracer Range

Wanna Be on Top? You might be at the bottom of your fantasy league, but Talamore Golf Resort’s new Toptracer Range gives you a chance to show your opponents who’s [...]

Get A Grip: Golf Pride’s HQ Is Open to You

Whether you’re new to golf or a seasoned pro, you’ll want to change your grips every now and then. Like tires, grips get worn down and give you a performance not up to par. That’s where [...]

U.S. Women’s Open for Dummies: The Very Unofficial Fan Guide

Is this your first golf championship? Want to know all the rules of fan conduct at the U.S. Women’s Open? This is not exactly the place for that (here’s the official guide). But, if [...]

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