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If you like big balls and you cannot lie, find these fun decor pieces at Lavender Restyle Market in downtown Southern Pines. Unlike typical oversized decor, these won’t take up your entire attic space during the other 10 months of the year — and unlike typical inflatables, they don’t require electricity and won’t lay deflated on your lawn all day long when you pull the plug.

These giant Holiballs are made all the easier to “assemble” with inflators for sale at Lavender. They also offer an inflation station, where you can inflate your ball before you go. Whether you hang ’em high or let ’em hang low, it’ll elevate your style. Did we mention they are UV-resistant, and won’t fade? Keep ’em clean with soap and water.

Lavender’s motto is beauty meets function, meaning they aim to sell only things that are high quality and multi-use. These Holiballs are popular among high-end brands, and have even appeared in Prada’s stores. “If it’s good enough for Prada, it’s good enough for us,” said owner Robin Bishop.

If You Got ‘Em, Flaunt ‘Em

Because they deserve to be on display more than once a year, you can use the Holiballs with or without the gold topper that makes it look like an ornament and elevate your next party with something bigger and better than balloons. They can float in swimming pools too. Find them in a variety of colors that will rotate at Lavender seasonally. These eye-catching decorations come in 18” or 30” sizes.

Don’t Want to Commit? These Balls are Also for Rent

If you’re going for a minimalist or monochrome look, black and white balls will be available as rentable decor. Lavender is also offering up reclaimed tobacco barn wood tables, European decor pieces and more for rent for weddings and events. 

Most of the furniture you’ll find in Lavender Restyle Market is made by owner Robin Bishop and her husband Bruce. They don’t use harsh chemicals in their wood reclaiming and Robin uses only high end performance fabrics on anything upholstered.

“We want people to buy better, and give better,” Robin says.

Shop Lavender at 135 NE Broad St., Southern Pines, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Friday or 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, or do some window shopping.

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