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Hatchet Brewing could provide all of us with a patio prime for people watching; and plenty of space for sifting through your kid’s candy. It’s time to get ready.


Hatchet Brewing Co-owners Mike Carey and Greg Walker first announced their plans for Hatchet in March, when the building was an empty, cave-like shell. And if you need a reminder of how far they’ve come, just check out our old photos.

“The community has been great,” Mike said last week, before Hatchet Brewing hosted the 40th Anniversary Party of the Southern Pines Business Association.

“The past couple of nights we’ve had the lights on, just sitting here drinking beer, and people come by and yell ‘Hey, are you open?'”

Hatchet Brewing’s 15-BBL system will be managed by brewer Aubrey Gregory. Until their own lineup is complete, expect guest taps stocked with beer as well as wine, cider, and kombucha. And when it comes to new brews, expect the team to involve the community every step of the way with social media polls and plenty of opportunities to provide feedback.

From left: Mike Carey, head brewer Aubrey Gregory, Greg Walker, and marketing director Samantha Wagner

While food trucks have always been a part of the plan, the team is also working on a deal with the Sly Fox, where Hatchet’s customers will be able to order from a select menu and get delivery on the hour.


:: Saturday, Nov. 2, 3-9 p.m. Not only will you get a chance to try Hatchet’s own brews, but you’ll also get to work out your rage with hatchet throwing aaaand … free massages, courtesy of SCC. More info here.

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