Where to Find Chicken and Waffle Fries

If you’d like an alternative to Moore County’s most efficient drive-thru, here’s a list of local items and restaurants who would love to see your weekly chicken allowance: 

:: The Fried Chicken Sandwich: Get it with lemon-herb aioli, pickles and lettuce at the Ryder Cup Lounge; or dipped in buffalo sauce and topped with Swiss at Dugan’s Pub.  

:: The Chicken Tenders: Order a basket with ranch from The Bell Tree Tavern, or get a whole plate of ’em from Drum & Quill with your choice of sauce and coleslaw. Both come with fries.

:: The Chicken Nuggets: A 12-piece is $2.60 at Ronnie’s Chuckwagon. You can also get them at Carolina Fried Chicken — along with anything else that fits in a fry basket. 

:: The Grilled Chicken Sandwich: Get it with romesco, caramelized onions, bacon and Swiss on brioche at Chapmans; with mushrooms, bacon and hoop cheese at Ashten’s; or with cranberry-pecan chutney and herb cream cheese on Ciabatta at Pinehurst Brewing Co

:: Oh, And Those Fries: Lil’ Dinos has ’em. Order them with the chicken “fingers” — or pile some on a side of pizza for extra crunch. We’ll look away.

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