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We all have that one friend who’s always talking about how CBD oil changed their life. But between tinctures, balms and edibles — and all the concentrations of CBD in each — how do you know which one will do anything for you? The best decision you can make at the counter amounts to a blind guess.

Enter ritualx, a new brand of CBD products created by board-certified anesthesiologist and pain management expert Dr. James Taylor. After years of research, Dr. Taylor has created 20 different CBD formulas, as well as a recommendation process that helps you determine which one of them is right for you.

Your journey with ritualx starts in clean, renovated boutique storefront on Bennett Street, a few blocks from downtown Southern Pines. After spending a few minutes with a CBD expert, you’ll leave with your recommended formulas.

How ritualx CBD Works

If you’re in pain, you take a Tylenol; and for most people, it just works. CBD oil is different. Everything from genetics to weight, height, personality and how much caffeine you consume can play a role in how it affects you.

So, your experience begins with an artificial intelligence program devised by the team at ritualx, which in our case was administered by store manager Morgan Bunch.

Store manager Morgan Bunch administers the questionnaire.

Based on your answers, the artificial intelligence created by the ritualx team will recommend a series of four CBD tinctures to consume on a trial basis over the course of a month. These go under your tongue and can begin working as quickly as 15 minutes and last as long as six hours.

Oh, we should mention here that while many ritualx formulas contain some THC, you could drink the whole bottle and not get high.

Your $35 box also includes a journal to record the effects of each CBD oil. At the end of the trial month, you should know which formula works for you.

And in case you were wondering, Morgan is one of those people who will tell you CBD changed their life. After years battling fibromyalgia and endometriosis with various prescriptions, CBD helped her return to a sense of normalcy — and go off of her medications completely.

I Still Have Questions.

Cool. Come down to ritualx this Saturday for the store’s grand opening, at 695 S. Bennett St., Southern Pines, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Dr. Taylor will lead a talk on CBD at 11:30, and those who go through the recommendation process will receive free ritualx balms to take home. Bonus: There will be giveaways, a raffle drawing, and free snacks from local companies.

Those using Dr. Taylor’s products are also given access to a nurse hotline, which they can use to speak with a board-certified registered nurse in case any questions should arise. Weekly lunch and learns, each Friday from noon to 1 p.m., can give ritualx users another avenue to connect with that same nurse — and with others using the products. 

Still need more? Can call ritualx at 910-687-4367 or visit ritualxcbd.com.

This post was produced in partnership with ritualx.

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