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Carolina Horse Park’s Painted Ponies made their downtown Southern Pines debut on Feb. 8, each of them claiming a spot on both sides of Broad Street. Maybe you’ve driven past one, or maybe you’ve snapped a selfie — regardless, these works of art are hard to miss.

ICYMI: The Painted Ponies are ceramic horses that are painted by local artisans. Southern Pines businesses sponsor these ponies, and until spring, they remain on display. The Painted Ponies will be rallied up in April and sold at an auction that benefits Carolina Horse Park.

If you want to pick and choose what pony to see IRL, here’s a list of all 10, their names, sponsors and where to find them. If you live like a hermit (no judgement) or don’t want to make the trek downtown, here’s what you’re missing.


  • Location: Belvedere Plaza — AKA the yellow building with a brick courtyard and fountain. Home to spots like The Leadmine.
  • Address: 132 W Pennsylvania Ave.
  • Artist: Beth E. Roy
  • Sponsors: Hampton Inn and Suites, Town Place Suites and Hilton Garden

“Between the Ears”

  • Location: Across from Betsy’s Crepes and Broad Street Bakery
  • Address: 127 SW Broad St.
  • Artist: Darlene Ivey
  • Sponsor: English Riding Supply

“Love Your Local”

  • Location: In front of Ashten’s
  • Address: 140 E New Hampshire Ave.
  • Artist: Ashley VanCamp
  • Sponsors: Ashten’s, Moore Equine Feed and Pet Supply

“Water for Horses”

  • Location: In front of The Country Bookshop
  • Address: 140 NW Broad St. Southern Pines
  • Artist: Jenay Jarvis
  • Sponsor: The Country Bookshop

“Horses Connect Us All”

  • Location: In front of Pinnock Real Estate and Relocation Services
  • Address: 115 E Pennsylvania Ave.
  • Artist: Shelly Renee Turner
  • C. Cups and Pinnock Real Estate and Relocation Services, Longevity Massage & Bodywork Therapy Center

“Little Red Truck”

  • Location: In front of Casino Guitars
  • Address: 115 NE Broad St.
  • Artist: Claire Connaghan
  • Sponsor: McDevitt Town and Country Properties

“Dream Big ‘Says the Alicorn'”

  • Location: In front of The Mews
  • Address: 280 NW Broad St.
  • Artist: Nikki Lienhard
  • Sponsors: The Mews — Audrey Wiggins with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Lifestyle Property Partners, Opulence of Southern Pines

“Living in the Pines”

  • Location: In front of 9th of September and Rainbow Cycles
  • Address: 239 NE Broad St.
  • Artist: Gene Fletcher
  • Sponsor: The Pilot — Celebrating 100 Years

“Royal Tashunka”

  • Location: WhitLauter Estate Jewelry
  • Address: 229 NE Broad St.
  • Artist: Mary Ann Welsch
  • Sponsor: WhitLauter Estate Jewelry

“The Chief’s Pony”

  • Location: In front of BB&T Bank and Cabin Branch Tack Shop
  • Address: 200 SW Broad St.
  • Artist: Tiffany Teeter
  • Sponsors: BB&T and Cabin Branch Tack Shop

Want to learn more? Get the full story behind the Painted Ponies here.

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