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In downtown Aberdeen, a circa-1920s building has been reborn into Indigo Yoga & Healing Arts — a space for hot and Kundalini yoga, Shamanic healing, sound therapy and massage.

Find Indigo Yoga & Healing Arts at 131 Talbooth St. in downtown Aberdeen. | Photo: Tim Sayer

Indigo is the brainchild of Heather McKeithen, a shamanic practitioner and Reiki master. As a “military kid,” Heather moved everywhere with her parents, who finally settled in Moore County — and after college, she ended up moving back to a place much different than the one she left.

The entrance to the yoga studio | Photo: Tim Sayer

“Slowly but surely, I found my niche in this area and I just love downtown Aberdeen,” she said. “I think it’s so cool, we have all sorts of neat little shops and restaurants opening, and murals — Aberdeen is really blooming. I went from ‘can’t wait to get out’ to ‘it’s great to be home.'”

The drop ceiling in the yoga studio is made more homey with a coating of string lights.

Yoga classes, many of them heated, are facilitated with a state-of-the-art heating/humidifier/HRV system. The heating unit pumps out dry heat from the natural gas furnace, then the air is filled with moisture from the built-in humidifier. The system continuously draws out spent oxygen (carbon dioxide) and conditions and warms fresh oxygen as it pumps.

While yoga is a passion of Heather’s, the yoga studio opened just this summer as an extension of her adjacent space, which is dedicated to her practice as a Shamanic healer and Reiki master. This is where the “Healing Arts” comes in.

Sinking into that pile of pillows is definitely on our to-do list.

The space through the door on the left is where massage therapist Kacey Graner holds her sessions. The rest of this super-comfy lobby is open to group meditation or similar events.

This little waiting area, on your right when entering, offers a spot for water or tea.

And then, the magic happens.

Stealing this whole aesthetic, thanks.

Heather uses this space to check in with her clients — see how they are feeling physically, mentally and emotionally. Together, they will enter into a deep meditation, and form a plan of what treatment they are to pursue. This can include anything from “soul retrieval” to drumming — you can see the latter in action below.

It’s an experience you can both hear and feel.

“A lot of what I do is extractions,” she says, “or removing energy that is not serving you. That creates space that you can fill with things that are of better help to you.”

Does that mean negative reviews could just disappear from our brains? That’s probably not how it works, but we’re signing up anyway.

To read more about Indigo Yoga & Healing Arts, visit the website here. For upcoming yoga classes, check out on MINDBODY, in-app or online. To schedule a private session, email heather@indigoinspire.com or call (910) 690-1762.

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