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You’re Making Us Blush

Local beautician Chelsea Regan has always loved making people feel confident. She’s been specializing in local airbrush makeup and styled hair since 2014, and now she takes her skills worldwide. While destination photographers may be increasingly popular, it’s not every day you see a local hair and makeup artist travel for work.

“It’s all about networking,” says Chelsea, “talent only gets you so far. People need to want to work with you.”

Chelsea regularly travels to places like NYC and Miami for brand photoshoots and has even been able to travel to places like Santorini, Positano and Paris. She also does glam for weddings, boudoir, headshots, lessons and more. 

“Earlier this year I was glamming on the steps of the Petit Palace in Paris and just thought ‘what is my life?’ You see these places on postcards and I’m working here. I’m very thankful.”

Glam by Chelsea. Photo by Kaitlyn Blake Photography & Tricia Michael 

Chelsea’s favorite part of the process is seeing clients’ reactions and showing off their features. Pricing varies by the service and whether you need it on a weekday or weekend.

“Take a chance on your ‘little hobby.’ Life is too short to be doing something you hate,” she says. Follow her adventures and see her looks via instagram. To book a service, visit her website.

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